fingerprint of public ssh key

For future reference (it took me an embarrasing 10 min to do this):

To retrive the fingerprint of your public ssh key using openssh:
$ ssh-keygen -l -f .ssh/name_of_key



In class today we had a quite interesting tsumego. I was amused.

Very amused.


the Vencie of the far east

During our stay in Shanghai we took one day off to visit the city of Zhouzhuang (周庄镇), a town in Jiangsu province built around water with canal streets throughout big parts of the city. The town has, since a couple of years, a strong focus on tourism; despite that the town still is very beautiful and most of the houses feel and look genuine - at least on the outside..
There are a number of cities like this around China, but this is the most famous one.

We walked around the town for several hours - looking inside houses that used to belong to someone famous such as a Mayor or a government official.

A home entertainment system

After that we had lunch, among other things some lung fish, some of their famous pork and some much longed after ice cream (the air was humid and the temperature was around 35°C).

James and Sally managed to play several games before lunch. They attracted quite a few pussled looks :)

After lunch we took a tour with a canal boat to rest and also enjoy the scenery.
Felix and Sally bought some dragon whiskers (sorry no picture) which is a famous local candy made from very thin and tightly twined strains of sugar. Quite nice!
Actually you can find these all over Asia it seems. It's made in the same way as stretched noodles, except that they also use some sort of flour to keep the sugar from sticking.


Article on Shanghai go camp

This article was published today on go game guru - Well done Antonio!


In Hangzhou

I'm back in my favorite Chinese city - Hangzhou. We're staying at the Tianyuan tower again together with some 60 Chinese kids from all over China.

Had an interesting experience in the lobby bar. I tried to order peanuts.

- Do you have any peanuts?
- Peanuts? Eh..
- Never mind.. I'll have a brownie instead
*waitress stares at translation aid*
*waitress giggles*
- No sir, sorry. We do not have penis.


Shanghai, take 2

Since June 24th I've been in Shanghai attending the Shanghai go camp. We're at the same place as in 2009 - SISU Songjiang campus - which is just lovely! I really like this place, even the mosquitoes that seem to have an amourus relation to me - and only me.

We are quite a small group, compared to experience go last year and the trip in 2009. I like it since we get a lot of attention, but I would also like if there were more people here. This year we have a swede, a fin, three people from Spain, two Americans, one Canadian and two people from Hong Kong! The venue can support quite a lot of people and the accommodations are outstanding! I sincerely hope that they will continue this camp 'cause I want to go back here! :)

This week we are staying here in Shanghai, after that we are going to one of my favourite places in the world - Hangzhou! As last time, in 2009, we are going to stay at the Tian Yuan Tower hotel. I'm really looking forward to it :)


adventures in vbscript

This weekend I'll need to do some recreational therapy programming in SML, Haskel or Lisp.

Well.. I have this problem at work that I need to solve. It involves modifying a lot of configurations on several windows workstations. Yuck.
Not only that; I had to restart services, call some some services, alter the configuration back again and restart services. Again.

Now I'm really not a windows guy. Working with workstations is really not my cup of tea either. And our setup is pretty old and locked down. So if I'm going to script this I don't have much choice - I'll have to use vbscript; because that's what is available (and still usable to some extent).

I do not care much for vbscript. I've tinkered with it to help friends with their problems, but I've never really sat down to write something that I'd care to use before. "Oh well", I thought, "When you get your hands dirty and actually start producing something you usually end up with a better understanding of the concepts of the language and you won't mind as much." After all, I don't loathe php much anymore. And I almost like perl sometimes. (g)Awk is quite practical.

I was so wrong! So Naive!

The error handling... if you could call it that is just horrible. You can trigger an error yourself, that's not so troublesome. The problem is that if you do this from a function returning a value you are screwed. The assignment after the function call will override your error. Very useful. Not.
Solution: Do not return values from a function. Use Call by Reference - which let's me segway smothely to the next rotten egg.

The calling conventions used, for historical reasons, is something I'm going to scare children with when I grow old. You do not want to know. Trust me. If you don't, read this. I strongly advice you NOT to do so. You'll need hard liquor. Lots of it. And a shower. And then therapy.

I could go on for ever, but I need some sleep and my script needs to test itself tomorrow. Everything seems to be working and the tests seem to be in good shape.

I sincerely hope that this is the last thing I ever write in vbscript or vb.